FAQ - How to be a Referral

Most frequent questions and answers

Referral program allows you to earn cash rewards by inviting your friends or family members to complete the [Scan & Earn] task. Please refer to the tutorial video here for further detail.

You will get RM5 referral reward for each successful referral; If your friends are Indian or from East Coast (Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan), you will get extra RM10 reward, total of RM15 for each successful referral.

We are paying better for referrals from East Coast and Indians because they are more difficult to target compare to other areas, hence we are paying higher to incentivize the referral.

Yes, you may refer more than 1 friend to join. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Your friends/ followers will need to sign up as members of Kantar and scan/ record any 5 household products in Kantar’s app within 5 weeks. Please refer to the tutorial video here for further details.

Your friends or family members will receive RM5 cash reward upon complete the [Scan & Earn] task as per instruction (Scan & Record any 5 household products). Also, they will be rewarded with 125 points per week by participating surveys the 2-3 mins survey on weekly basis (The points can be used to redeem great gifts like Gaming Chair, Air Purifier, iPad etc).

No. The points will only rewards to participants who successfully complete the [Scan & Earn] task. You will only receive RM5 for each successful referral or RM15 if the successful referral is Indian or friend from East Coast.

You will get your payment in 10-20 working days upon your referral is validated by our client, Kantar.

Please follows the step-by-step guide in this PDF to claim your cash rewards.

No. You may request a unique referral link from us. Anyone who registers and completes the task thru your unique link will be counted as your referral.

Please ask your friends/ followers/ family members register and complete the task thru your unique link, so that we know these people are came from your side. The link in the GigaGigs App is for our GigaGigs members.

GigaGigs (https://gigagigs.com/ ) is a mobile app platform that instantly connects people with micro tasks (simple, fun and easy-to-do tasks), and pays people upon completion of these task. GigaGigs also accredited by MDEC with recognition as an MSC Malaysia company. https://mdec.my/erezeki/

Kantar ( https://www.kantarworldpanel.com/global ) is the world leader in consumer knowledge and insights based on continuous consumer panels. They are currently conducting a survey to collect information from public like you of households on their weekly purchase of food, toiletries and household products.