Source : Khmer Times

On the 6th August 2019, GigaGigs has launched by Smart Axiata in Cambodia as GigaGigs by Smart. According to Khmer Times, GigaGigs integrates digital technology into market research which is considered as revolution. Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata said that GigaGigs reflects the transition from traditional to digital which GigaGigs can help businesses to crowdsource data conveniently and easily as well as rewarding consumers for their involvement. He also added that GigaGigs is a part of their drive to become the “digital champion” of Cambodia. Kow Kuan Hua, managing director and founder of GigaGigs Southeast Asia, mentioned that GigaGigs app will make market research faster, easier, cheaper, and more accurate while Charles Pei, co-founder of GigaGigs, shares GigaGigs’s experience in China and Malaysia which is most useful to businesses in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector. Now, people in Cambodia can use GigaGigs as one of their business solutions as well as an app which they can generate pocket money.

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Kow Kuan Hua, managing director and founder of GigaGigs Southeast Asia

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Charles Pei, co-founder of GigaGigs



Source: Startup Station Singapore Facebook Singapore

On 18th February 2019, Facebook has announced 11 startup that will be Startup Station Singapore’s first batch of startup which has been selected amongst 100 over applicants from accross sea region. They are QSearch(Instant Search), Envolve Data, Qlue,, Peoplewave, Allied World, Healthcare, DRVR, Newswav, GigaGigs, Vouch and Waitrr.

Startup Station Singapore is introduced by Facebook and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) Singapore, powered by Rainmaking which aiming for innovative, data-driven startups. It is a 6-months program that have a mission to help startup to grow, develop better ways of working with data, and connect to a wide network of opportunity.

Being selected for Startup Stations Singapore is very beneficial as they will provide training to help startup to scale their business as well as identify the key business challenges, co-working space at IMDA pixel, mentor-ship with Facebook that will help startup to avoid costly mistakes succeed their goals, have the opportunity to experiments within regulatory sandbox plus receive support and guidance from Singapore Government thru IMDA.

All startup will also have the opportunity to access to Facebook by being a part of FBStart that is designated to help startup to build and grow their business which includes year round direct technical support from FB.

The most exciting part is startup will have better access to network of opportunity as they will be introduced to potential partners and investors via FB and IMDA sponsored event.


寻找某个洗发水促销地点,拍张照片,与促销员闲聊数句,然后回答几道简单问题,就能赚取25令吉;或者寻找某条街的杂货店,检查店里有没有某个品牌的啤酒,标记GPS位置,对着店面、冰箱、啤酒拍张照片,回答关于啤酒的几个问题,又能赚取15令吉……这些通过手机完成的简单任务,你就能用零碎时间赚取外快。 Read more »


You know all of those websites and platforms that ask you to complete a survey to get rewards?

This is basically what GigaGigs is. They call them micro-tasks, but you’re ultimately filling up surveys in your free time.

Most of the surveys are quite short, and can be completed pretty fast. The interface is also simple and easy to maneuvre.

We tried out some of the tasks, which are usually in the form filling up simple questionnaires in-app. Sometimes they require you to snap photos. In our case, we had to do a quick demographic survey then take two shots of our open fridge. Read more »

The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) today announced the 56 startups participating in its Global Accelerator Program (GAP).

Launched in March 2017, GAP is dubbed as the “evolution” of the institution’s original accelerator programme, which has been run for three times with the participation of Malaysian and regional startups.

Set to be held from July to October 2017 at MaGIC Campus in Cyberjaya, the programme said that it has received 947 applications from 47 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Read more »

Source: Sin Chew Chinese Newspaper
寻找某个洗发水促销地点,拍张照片,与促销员闲聊数句,然后回答几道简单问题,就能赚取25令吉;或者寻找某条街的杂货店,检查店里有没有某个品牌的啤酒,标记GPS位置,对着店面、冰箱、啤酒拍张照片,回答关于啤酒的几个问题,又能赚取15令吉……这些通过手机完成的简单任务都能为你带来一定的收入,现在,你只要在手机下载应用软件“GigaGigs”,申请完成诸如此类的简单任务,就能用零碎时间赚取外快。 Read more »

Source: Harian Metro

Kuala LumpurGigaGigs Sdn Bhd, syarikat teknologi berasaskan model perniagaan dana awam global melalui platform tugas mikro mudah alih dikenali GigaGigs berhasrat menjadikan Malaysia hab pengembangan perniagaan digitalnya ke rantau Asean dalam tempoh dua tahun akan datang.

Pengarah Urusan Asia Tenggara dan Greater China, Kow Kuan Hua berkata, Malaysia berada pada lokasi strategik bagi pelan perluasan syarikat di rantau ASEAN yang mempunyai jumlah penduduk 660 juta orang. Read more »